Virtual / Digital volunteering is an activity that you can do from any location and it involves the phone or the internet. One of the biggest benefits is its flexibility. You can volunteer when it works best for you, without being tied to specific hours.

SNIP International is a 100% volunteer charity. This means that everybody working for SNIPi does it voluntarily without any financial compensation. SNIPi is also mostly virtual – we don’t have an office and most of our work is done over the phone and via internet, including the majority of our board meetings with Zoom.

We have ambitions to help more animals than we do today, but we cannot achieve our future missions without a bigger team of volunteers. So our need for volunteers is constant and evolving. You can find flexible opportunities that work with your schedule. From our wide variety of virtual volunteering opportunities, you can find flexible options that match your skills and motivation and work with your schedule.

Equipment Donated
Countries Donated to
Groups Donated to

Areas in which new volunteers could contribute include

– Marketing and communications

– Editorial content management for website, newsletters, social media

– Social media management

– Administrative and clerical duties

– Fundraising

How you’ll help

– Making a real difference for dogs and cats all over the world

– Increasing public awareness of stray animal situation

– Contributing to our little charity being organised and running smoothly

– Adding your bit to our friendly and casual charity culture!

What you’ll get out of it

– Have an opportunity to sharpen up and show off your skills

– Learn valuable new skills

– Become part of a friendly animal loving team

– Feel good about making a difference!

While we are flexible and think our roles are suitable for many kinds of people, we are particularly looking for those who have the following qualities and experience:

– Passionate about helping animals

– Great communication skills

– Trustworthy and engaged

– Impeccable organisational skills

– Proficient in IT skills (MS Office, email, internet etc.)

– Work well in a virtual team

When volunteering for SNIPi, you can be sure that your work is making a difference for so many animals.
If you are interested in helping us or have questions, please send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you!