In Memory of Amanda Green

Amanda Jane Green was a kind, caring and compassionate person with a lifelong love of animals, nature, flora, fauna and freedom. Amanda went to university at Lampeter and read English Literature but with her passion for nature, she chose to become a landscape gardener. This allowed her to be at one with nature and the open air. She loved photography and wrote a guide book on walks in the Gower Peninsular.

Amanda travelled to Australia to see her relatives and also to Africa, where she spent time on Operation Raleigh, and loved her experience there. Unfortunately, when she returned from Africa her health was not strong and it is believed she may have caught a bug there. Amanda found this very debilitating and her ability to do things was greatly affected. This impacted on her for the rest of her life.

Amanda was very close to her immediate family, but also spent a lot of time on her own and in the company of animals and nature. Animals were her friends in life and she cared deeply about their wellbeing.

After her father’s passing, Amanda dedicated herself to caring for her mother whose health had declined. Sadly her mother passed away in March 2018 and Amanda left this world only a few months later.


Amanda Green

“My little black cat, Elsa. When my back is turned you will find me and just touch me on my back as I kneel down, with your little paw to tell me you are here. And at last I will sleep in peace with you curled on my lap.”

Amanda Jane Green, 2018

Amanda chose to leave her legacy for six different charities, explaining her decision with these words: “I want my death to be of use to my beloved animals and their charities. Animals helped my life and this is the best way I can help them.”

We are grateful for Amanda having chosen SNIP International as one of these six charities. We will do our best to make sure that her last wish will be respected and her legacy will be used to help animals all over the world.

We also want to express our sincere condolences to Amanda’s family and friends and thank them for helping us to know more about Amanda’s life.


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